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January 29, 2003

Johnnie Cochran Joins Shreveport Walk of Stars

The Times reports on Johnnie Cochran's inclusion into the Shreveport Walk of Stars.

"Cochran reminisced to an audience of about 50 Tuesday at Barnwell Garden and Art Center as he imprinted his hands and feet in a cement square. Cochran, born in 1937, is the first attorney to be inducted in the Greater Shreveport Chamber of Commerce's Walk of Stars."

Posted by AJR at 08:12 AM

Update on the Big Tobacco Case

The Times-Picayune provides an update to the on-going trial in the New Orleans Civil District Court. Specifically, the article concerns the defense's questioning of plaintiff experts.

Posted by AJR at 08:07 AM

Two Permanently Disbarred by LASC

T. Kenneth Elbert of Baton Rouge and William B. Lynch, who is currently in federal prison, were permanently disbarred by the Louisiana Supreme Court last Friday, reports The Advocate.

Posted by AJR at 08:02 AM

Baker City Judge Sues Mayor

Baker City Judge Mark Plaisance has filed suit against Mayor Leroy Davis and members of his staff to force them to release his paycheck, according to The Advocate. Apparently, Davis has instructed the city treasurer to withold Plaisance's pay until he submits to a drug test.

"Plaisance argues in the lawsuit that under state law, elected officials are not required to submit to drug-testing, and Davis has no authority to withhold his paycheck."

Posted by AJR at 07:58 AM

Baton Rouge Included in State of the Union Address

The Advocate outlines the story of Darren and Tonja Myles, who were referenced by President Bush in his State of the Union address last night. The couple leads two successful ministries at the Healing Place Church.

Posted by AJR at 07:49 AM

Pretrial Hearings Continue in Hypes Case

The Town Talk reports on a pre-trial hearing for Amanda Gutweiler Hypes, who is charged with three counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of her children.

The three children, aged ten and under, died of smoke inhalation and Hypes is accused of setting the fire. The hearings will address the admissibility of three statements Hypes made subsequent to the fire.

Posted by AJR at 07:41 AM

January 28, 2003

Terrorism on the Mississippi

Channel 2 reports on proposed laws that will require potential marine terrorist targets to file security plans with the government.

Posted by AJR at 01:47 PM

"Real Yellow Pages" Available on CD

The News-Star reports on a new convenience available for cheap--"The Real Yellow Pages" on a CD-ROM for $4.95. Users can also download their local yellow pages from the BellSouth Real Pages website.

Posted by AJR at 10:54 AM

Deju Vu Still Dancing

The Times reports on the Deja Vu strip club's attempts to remain open in Shreveport.

"Council members were notified Friday that a three-inch thick, bound document outlining what he deemed legal shortcomings in the city's latest effort to create an ordinance to govern sexually oriented businesses was delivered from Brad Shafer, Michigan-based attorney for Deja Vu, the national chain of strip clubs that recently opened a club in downtown Shreveport."

Accordingly, City Council members are expected to postpone their vote on the ordinance today.

Posted by AJR at 10:47 AM

Jim Brown Writ Denied

Also making the rounds from yesterday's news, US Supreme Court refuses to review Brown's conviction.

Naked Ownership commented on the writ application here.

Posted by AJR at 10:41 AM

Alcohol Curfew Proposed in St. Charles Parish

The Times-Picayune reports on a controversial ordinance that would ban bars, restaurants, convenience stores and other parish businesses from selling alcohol between 2 and 6 a.m. Interestingly, the chief sponsor, Councilman Dale Wolfe, doesn't know if he will push for its acceptance.

The council will meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Percy Hebert Building in LaPlace.

Posted by AJR at 10:36 AM

Juvenile Justice Commission Meets

The Advocate reports on yesterday's meeting of the Juvenile Justice Commission, which is comprised of 15 legislative members.

"Their objective is to wean the state from sending juveniles to prison, which everyone testifying on Monday agreed is more expensive and less effective than community-based alternatives."

Posted by AJR at 07:29 AM

January 27, 2003

Two Cases from LA Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal

The two following cases from the Louisiana Fifth Circuit Court of Appeal were published by the LSBA today:

Orion Refining v. Shaw Group - The dispute in this case concerned a contract in which Shaw was hired to provide administrative and construction services as part of a $900,000,000 capital improvement project for an oil refinery, owned by Orion, in Norco, Louisiana.

State v. Terry Smith - Defendant appealled conviction of sexual battery and aggravated crime against nature. He was a 33-year old police officer who impregnated a 12-year old girl. The sentence was affirmed.

Posted by AJR at 09:33 PM

Welcome Blawgistan Times Readers

Before the debut edition of today's Blawgistan Times, only a very few people were aware of my efforts to develop this site. I am pleased to welcome any new readers and even more excited to implement the big ideas in store for the site.

More specifically, I intend to develop a web site that I will one day use in my daily law practice. Most of the links on the sidebars are not yet working, but that should all change by this weekend. I also plan on including a "To Do" list that will outline my goals and objectives for the next several months.

Posted by AJR at 08:08 PM | Comments (1)

National NAACP to join St. Landry Remap Challenge

The Advertiser reports on the national NAACP's aggreement to help local counsel fight the St. Landry Parish reapportionment plan and to stop the April 5 election of School Board members.

Posted by AJR at 08:26 AM

Let my Son Play

The Times reports on a lawsuit filed by a parent accusing Bossier City of breach of contract because his son remained on the bench throughout the city football season-despite a rule that each player is supposed to play a "major portion" of each game. Apparently, complaints to the coaches and supervisors were not addressed, so Pat Cordara is suing to have his $45 registration fee returned.

Posted by AJR at 08:18 AM

Louisiana Joins Streamlined Sales Tax Study Commission

The Times reports on Louisiana's plans to seek a tax on Internet and catalog sales. Claiming that Louisiana lost an estimated $302 million in state and local taxes in 2001, Louisiana has "signed onto a joint effort (with 30 other states), commonly referred to as the streamlined sales tax study commission, to find a national solution to their mutual problem."

A second article outlines the work being done to develop a uniform sales tax code to aid Internet taxing efforts.

Posted by AJR at 08:11 AM | Comments (0)

Federal Malpractice Cap and Louisiana

The Times-Picayune considers how President Bush's proposed medical malpractice act might impact Louisiana. The article compares our existing system with the proposed federal system.

Posted by AJR at 08:06 AM

GM Wins Appeal in First Circuit

The Advocate reports that General Motors has won an appeal to the First Circuit Court of Appeal preventing owners of GMC and Chevy pickups with sidesaddle gasoline tanks to sell their $1,000 vouchers for new GM vehicles for $100.

Plaintiffs' counsel in the original class action arranged with Certificate Redemption Group of Houstong to buy the certificates, planning to sell them to companies or individuals. GM objected to the organized effort to create a secondary market by claiming that it made "impermissible" and "substantive" changes to the settlement agreement. Both sides have applied for a rehearing.

Posted by AJR at 08:00 AM
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