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September 17, 2003

Judge Walter Comments on Trip to Iraq

Don Walter, a US Western District Judge sitting in Shreveport, was one of 25 advisors that agreed to visit Iraq this summer to assist in the reconstruction of the judicial, prosecutorial and law enforcement sectors in that country. This press release from the United States DOJ details the mission and its participants. Since his return, Judge Walter has given a few speeches reporting his observations and they are creating a buzz--Instapundit has posted a copy of the speech emailed to him by Judge Walter's secretary.

Judge Walter indicates that law professors are needed in Iraq and that LSU has refused to help. Accordingly, he is currently seeking assistance from Seton Hall and Rutgers. He notes that he has not contacted Tulane yet, with no mention of Loyola. On a somewhat related topic, one of my professors mentioned that LSU was instrumental in drafting a new civil code for Iraq during the Gulf War. I wonder if it is still around. . .

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September 15, 2003

Justices of the Peace Handle Disputes without Need of Attorneys

The Advocate reports that the six Justices of the Peace in East Baton Rouge Parish collectively handle more than 1,000 cases per year. The article profiles a few of the justices, both of who claim to make little money in the position. Their claims are in stark contrast to a report that ran in The Times-Picayune last year.

Posted by AJR at 11:52 AM

September 11, 2003

Jefferson Parish Judge Sued by State

The Times-Picayune reports that 24th JDC Judge Alan J. Green has been sued by the state Ethics Board for accepting a campaign contribution in 2002 that was over twice the limit allowed by law. The donation was made by a Jefferson Parish bail bonds executive, who works for the company implicated in the Jefferson Parish courthouse corruption scandal. Frank DeSalvo, who is representing Judge Green says: "We're not very concerned about it, I can tell you that. It's just a civil case. Worst-case scenario is a civil fine."

Posted by AJR at 11:11 AM

Canal Bottoms Lawsuit Settled

The Times-Picayune reports that one of Jefferson Parish's longest-running political controversies has ended with a settlement. The dispute centered on a the land along East Jefferson's drainage canals that was sold to the parish by Roboco for $5 million without any proof of ownership. The article provides a fascinating account of the dispute's origin and provides details of the settlment.

Robco has delivered a $450,000 check to Jefferson and has transferred 10 properties totaling more than 1.1 million square feet along the banks of the Suburban, Veterans Memorial Boulevard, West Napoleon Avenue and West Metairie Avenue canals in Metairie, among other locations, parish Attorney Tom Wilkinson said. The properties are valued at $2.8 million, according to appraisals prepared for the parish

Posted by AJR at 11:05 AM

CDC Court Apologizes

The Times-Picayune reports that Orleans Parish Civil District Court Judge Hunter King apologized to the Louisiana Supreme Court yesterday for forcing his employees to work on his re-election campaign and then lie about it under oath. The Supreme Court gave no indication how it might punish Judge King, who remains on the bench at this time. "Possible punishments range from public censure to permanent removal from the bench."

Posted by AJR at 10:56 AM

September 10, 2003

Ethics Opinions Posted

The Louisiana Board of Ethics has posted opinions decided at its August meeting. Of specific attorney interest, an advisory opinion was issued regarding whether a part-time City Attorney under contract with the City of Opelousas may continue to provide legal services to the city when her husband's company does business with several city departments.

Posted by AJR at 09:00 PM

September 09, 2003

Too Many Amendments?

The Advocate reports that the Public Affairs Research (PAR) Council and Council for a Better Louisiana (CABL) have expressed concern that the number of constitutional amendments on the statewide election ballot this October is too many. Further, PAR Council President Jim Brandt notes that more and more proposed changes to the constitution are too detailed and should be written as laws, not locked into the state constitution, where they are hard to change in the future. The Advertiser also reports on the press conference and focusses on PAR and CABL's disagreement over whether a constitutional covention is necessary.

In an effort to aid voters, PAR offers detailed explanations of the amendments on its web site.

Posted by AJR at 08:14 AM

Pineville City Court Missing Money

The Town Talk reports that the Pineville City Court appears to be missing money and has requested the State Police to investigate the case. Investigators have not indicated how much money might be missing.

Posted by AJR at 08:00 AM

Address Issue Headed to LA Supremes

The Times-Picayune reports that State Senator Lynn Dean will appeal the Louisiana 4th Circuit Court of Appeal's decision that he cannot run for an at-large council seat in St. Bernard Parish because he is not a resident of the parish. At issue is Dean's 101 Dean Drive mailing address that is alleged to simultaneously refer to Deans' "spacious house 10 feet inside Plaquemines' boundary and the apartment connected to his boat manufacturing plant 40 feet inside St. Bernard, where he claims his domicile for voting purposes." Dean has always voted in St. Bernard parish.

Posted by AJR at 07:51 AM

19th JDC Dismisses Bank's Suit Against Auditor

The Advocate reports that 19th JDC Judge Tim Kelly has dismissed a suit filed by Union Planters Bank against the Baton Rouge auditing firm of Postletwaite and Netterville alleging information in an audit led to its decision to extend a $25 million line of credit to Commercial Capitol Holdings Corp. The dismissal, however, comes with a caveat: Union Planters amended the suit to allege that a 1999 Louisiana law protecting auditors from lawsuits similar to the one in this case is unconstitutional. Accordingly, if the state law is found to be constitutional then the matter will be resolved, but if not, Kelly's dismissal will have no effect on the suit.

Posted by AJR at 07:45 AM

September 03, 2003

5th Circuit to Hear Abortion Case

The Associated Press 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals to hear arguments today of women who was denied an abortion while incarcerated in a Terrebonne Parish Jail. The plaintiff known as Victoria W. seeks damages for pain and suffering and claims that her constitutional right to an abortion was violated by a state requirement that she hire a lawyer and get a court order authorizing the procedure.

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